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☆☆☆☆ This author has such a vivid style of storytelling that I was actually staying up at night to read this book.”- Amz review of Hank Mossberg

☆☆☆☆"Great character driven plot. Storytelling at its best”-Amz review of Tinker’s War

☆☆☆☆ "...a beautifully written book with an intriguing plot and a loveable main character. This is certainly one that I will reread!" Goodreads review of The Tinkerer’s Daughter

☆☆☆☆Can't get enough of the stories by Jamie Sedgwick. This has been the best yet. The heroes draw you in and new surprises keep popping up. It's almost impossible to put aside, even for a short while. You will be held in suspense and entertained, right up to the very end. ” -Amz review of The Clockwork God

☆☆☆☆Light vs. darkness. The age old epic battle rendered into a form enjoyable to young and old. I highly recommend it. Sedgwick ROCKS!” -Amz review of The Darkling Wind

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The Tinkerer's Daughter
The Tinkerer's Daughter is Sedgwick's best selling one-of-a-kind steampunk fantasy series.  It follows the adventures of an orphaned half-breed girl who survives in a hostile land with the help of an old tinkerer and his incredible inventions. Book one is now FREE!
Hank Mossberg, Private Ogre
Elven gangsters, streetwalking nymps and pixie dust dealers. This ain't no fairytale.

San Francisco’s magical undercity is populated by every fantastical creature imaginable: dwarves, elves, centaurs, and thousands of fairies make it their home -but this is no fairytale. The mobsters, kidnappers and pixie dust addicts will make sure of that. If you think humans invented organized crime, wait until you meet the goblins.

It’s Hank Mossberg’s job to keep them all in line. In book one, Hank has to break up a pixie dust ring, recruit a bitter old wizard to solve a murder, and find a missing child -while keeping his dwarf deputy from getting them all killed in the process. Unfortunately, the fae have cops of their own and they think Hank is the killer. With the cops and the mob after him, it will to take some serious spell power to pull this one off.
Aboard the Great Iron Horse
Prepare for an adventure like none you've read before!

Sedgwick's follow-up series to The Tinkerer's Daughter is a non-stop thrill ride on the massive steam-powered train known as the Iron Horse.  On this adventure you will meet elves, dragons and knights riding clockwork horses, all led by the enigmatic Socrates -a steam-powered ape once designed as a toy but now possessing strength and intelligence superior to mere mortals.

As these adventurers search for the rare element starfall that powers their technology, the undead ghouls known as the Legion are building an army to take over the world. This story is as eclectic as ever, and one of Jamie's best!
And there's a lot more...
The Darkling Wind is a dark YA fantasy about a boy destined to save the world... or die trying.
The Shadow Born trilogy is about Gabriel Frost, a boy who's a genetically engineered assassin with no memory of his past.
Karma Crossed is an urban fantasy about a man who's cursed to always be in the wrong place at the right time.

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